Innovative Fly Fishing Products That We Offer

George Gehrke's Flyfishing World is at the forefront of the industry in providing revolutionary products for fly fishing. We offer:


Gink® World’s Best Dry Fly Dressing

Gehrke’s Gink ®: The #1 Dry Fly Dressing Sold Worldwide
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Gehrke’s Gink® is the first safe, commercially offered dry fly dressing that floated flies repeatedly. It is a liquid emulsifier that permeates deep into the body material of dry flies, and it either coats synthetics or penetrates fur or feather. Upon contact with cold water, it becomes a clear, invisible gel that keeps dry flies or streaking streamers from getting wet.

The product has unique features and functions and has a specific gravity of 0.77%, making it lighter than water. Gehrke’s Gink® has been in the market for 40 years.


Gehrke's Xink Wet Fly Dressing

Fly, Nymph, Streamer, and Line Sink
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is one of the most revolutionary inventions in fly fishing since the discovery of the hook. The product can eliminate the majority of the lead used in nymphs and wet fly patterns throughout the world if everyone started using it. It is wetter than water without washing off, which seemed impossible until George Gehrke’s invention.

Gehrke’s XINK® is the only patented fly sink in the world and has been in the market for more than 35 years. All other products in the market are plagiarized from other industrial sources, including the use of common soap.


Gehrke's PZ Line Cleaner

A truly amazing product
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Gehrke's PZ® Fly-Line Cleaner & Dressing is one of the most important product protection items when it comes to fly lines, leaders, and monofilaments. Every fisherman in the world should have this product in their fishing arsenal.


Gehrke's Knot-Perfect Knot Dressing

World's Best Knot Lube
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This prevents fine, filamentous algae from hanging up on your knots and allows your leaders to slip through your guides without friction. Maintain your dry fly fishing and leader debris-free with our knot dressing.

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