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A Fly Fishermen's Source for Fly Fishing Rods, Equipment and Fly Fishing Information
Bamboo Rods(Blonde and Western Gehrke Bamboo Fly Rods and Bass Widow Casting Rods ) — Explore affordable Gehrke Bamboo Rods in all lengths and line weights to your heart's content. Yes! You can afford a bamboo fly rod as easily as you can outcast a graphite with one.
Bamboo Rod Kits— Wrap your own affordable Gehrke Bamboo Rod Kits. Available in all lengths and line weights to your heart's content. Yes! Use your own reel seats/grips/guides or use our high quality parts in our complete kits to "roll your own."
Stream Side Products (Gink, Xink, PZ Line Cleaner, Reel Oil and Knot Perfect) — How to use several fly fishing dressings. How to sink, float lines or skate wet flies, dry flies, streamers, waking flies for Atlantic Salmon & Steelhead, and how to successfully deep drift Nymphs.
Fly Tying Materials — Fish-Fuzz Streamer Wing Material to Fly - Maker's Wax. The magnificent properties of Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz for Fresh & Salt Water Streamers & Flies. Learn how to tie Fish-Fuzz Streamers and more.
Lubricants for the Sportsman — How to rust proof your hand guns, shotguns and rifles. Also info on Whale's-Spit Reel Oilthe finest fishing reel oil known, to Gehrke's #10 Gun Oil, a must for all law enforcement agencies and agents.
Premier Sewing Machine Oil — How to rust proof your sewing machine. Also info on “Ladies Choice” Sewing Machine Oil the finest sewing machine reel oil known.

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