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Gehrke's PZ Line Cleaner ~ $5.00

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed World's Best Dry Fly Dressing

PZ Line Cleaner

Restore Leaders &

(A truly amazing product)
Gehrke's PZ Fly-line & Monofilament Cleaner

Gehrke's PZ® Fly-Line Cleaner & Dressing is above all things regarding fly lines, leaders, & monofilament the most important product protection and restoring agent every fisherman in the world should have in their fishing arsenal.

Mono Fish-Nets simply rot over a period of time. Gehrke's PZ® is the only product that can restore and save them from drying out and becoming brittle.

Grease Line Fly Fishing is the primary fishing style when going after Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. A Fly-Line dressed with PZ® Fly-Line Dressing including the leader, will perform perfectly - allowing the fly fisherman control and the uncanny ability to cast farther with less effort. PZ® Fly-Line Cleaner & Conditioner will even float a completely worthless fly line which coating is cracked and brittle as long as it is dressed before the core is allowed to get wet again. PZ® will not repair the cracks in a fly line but it will make it reusable for a limited time or until a new fly line is obtained.

Gehrke's PZ® Fly-Line Dressing is used by world distance casting champions.

With the cost of fly lines exceeding $30 and many now approaching $70 each, there is nothing better for the care and maintenance of your fly lines and leaders then Gehrke's PZ® Fly-Line Cleaner & Dressing.

Suggested Retail: $5.00

answer to:   Rec.Outdoors.Fishing.Fly News Group

To answer some instructional questions, peel off your fly line and lay it loosely on a clean newspaper. If it is a used fly line and a bit dry . . . do NOT STRETCH it in-between two points or you might separate the dried out PVC plastic and crack it.

Put a liberal amount of PZ® FLY LINE CLEANER and Dressing on a used T-shirt, sock, soft cotton item and pull the fly line through the solution. Sometimes you can have someone help you by letting them hold up a section and you scrub back and forth until you go from end to end. Notice all that crud and crap that comes out of your fly line? Well . . . half of what you bought it for has happened. Next, apply a LIBERAL amount of PZ® Fly Line Dressing onto the cloth and slowly reel it through the dressing onto your reel. Let this soak in for about 3 - 8 hours. Sometimes, severly dried out fly lines may stay soaking for 24 hours. After this time, as you must feel the texture of your coating to make  sure your fly line is loving it but not getting too soft. It has never happened but PZ® is like trying to control a atomic reactor. The fly line is 'THIRSTY' for the right Plasticers which PZ® "IS."

Next, strip off the fly line again and wipe it dry of all the excess PZ®. You should be like new. In otherwords, instead of spending another $11.57 to over $60 for a new fly line, for $4 bucks, you have enough to save several fly lines. What a bargain!

Now then . . . each time you see the tip of your fly line starting to sink, dress it each time you go out with PZ® Fly Line Dressing/Cleaner. It is the only product that will put a fly line tip on top of the water the way it should be. HIGH! You can also dress your leader with PZ® and monofiliment which is the only product that will restore even most monos. Gehrke's PZ® Fly-Line Cleaner & Dressing is probably the most under rated product in the industry and yet the one that does the most for the least amount of money and effort. Even though fly lines are expendable items, to my thinking, not at those prices.

Consider the fact that it cost buy pocket change to make a fly line. There is more money in the packaging then in the product, believe it or not. If it wasn't for the fact that Cortland came out with that nice series sold now in WalMart for $11.57 - I was about ready to start a fly line company and bring out fly lines that cost less then $10 again. Cortland put a stop to that for me, yes sirs!

Anyhow, I hope this helps you and others that have asked the same question. Keep a bottle with you everytime you go fly fishing. If you take care of your FLY LINE it will take care of you.

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