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Gehrke's Knot-Perfect Knot Dressing ~ $5.00

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed World's Best Knot Lube

There is nothing more imperfect in the fishing kingdom of this planet than fishing knots or the possibility of making a major knot tying mistake in your terminal tackle. As with iron or steel chain links, your knots are as strong as your weakest link. Any fishing line, no matter what material they are made from, are as strong as your weakest knot. The following photograph, taken in our laboratory depicts two knots.

The lower knot was tied and drawn up tight using normal spit. The upper knot was dressed with Knot-Perfect Knot Lube before it was drawn up. Both were given a good yank. This is forty pound test monofiliment. The evidence speaks for itself and is as follows.

The lower tags cannot be trimmed flush to the main barrel of the lower blood knot because as soon as a fighting fish tests your knot integrity, one of the tag ends will draw or slip through and you've lost a fish. This is the one, major thing that looses more fish than any other reason in fly fishing.

The upper knot was dressed with Knot-Perfect Knot Lubricant and drawn up. The knot literally "BOTTOMED OUT!" It cannot go anywhere else. It has all the slack (as protrayed in the lower example) drawn out of it. The knot above is now KNOT-PERFECT.

Because our customers now can tie Knot-Perfect knots, the tags can now be trimmed next to the main barrel of a blood knot. This prevents fine, filimentageous mosses from hanging up on your knots. Fishing with Jewel Precision Knots allow your leaders to slip thorugh your guides friction free. Your dry fly fishing and leaders stay debre free. Life suddenly makes sense.

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