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Gehrke's Western Bamboo Fly Rods
Internet Direct as low as $485

"Any Line Weight of Your Choosing"
( 7 to 9 feet      3 to 10 wt  )
The advantages of having a three piece Fly Rod is the rod demands a shorter tube to store and travel with, especially for those who travel by way of the airlines. Even in vehicles, a three piece bamboo fly rod is user friendly in that the rod tube takes up less space and travels better on airlines. Shorter tubes resist bending more than two piece tubes do.

Three piece bamboo fly rods are a little more expensive for a variety of manufacturing reasons and as a potential customer, you have every right to know what those factors are.

A three piece fly rod has an added mid section that requires two extra ferrule parts and those ferrules are drastically different in diameters then those used on two piece fly rods. Frankly, the Gehrke Bamboo Fly Rod Company starts making all bamboo fly rods three piece fly rods beginning at the 8 foot lengths and it makes no difference what the line weight is. A 4 foot long tube is a gangly thing to haul around compared to a 2.8 foot long tube.

When including an extra tip compared to a 7.5' two piece fly rod such as our famous "Happy Hooker Series" there are TWO extra sections by comparison. There is the mid and extra tip in a complete three piece fly rod. Every section requires the same amount of difficulty to manufacture.
For instance, making from scratch and from literally, raw material a butt section is easier than making the mid section of a three piece bamboo and making tips are more difficult than making any other part of any bamboo fly rod. The literal number of split strips required to make a 3097-2 fly rod, is 24 individual segments. The time required to just prepare the raw material for milling amounts to many hours. The beauty one finds in their bamboo fly rods is obtained not in the finish work but in splitting the cane straight and in equal widths and then paying extraordinary attention to straightening crooked strips and flattening nodes to exact standards. Before any of this process begins, the semi-tempering required to make the Western Bamboo is done in sets of three properly chosen and aligned culms that are off set so no nodes match next to each other.

All of this requires NINE full length pieces of Tonkin Cane to be processed for each section so each matches the best power attributes required of the whole taper design. The fiber and cane chosen for a butt section is different than what is best used for making tips or mid sections. The whole, becomes one. There are hours of serious preparatory work on the raw cane before any of it gets to the milling machines. It is at the initial stages that determines how illustrious a rod you end up with.
FERRULES:Ferrules are part of the hardware scheme of things, as are the cork handles, reel seat, stripping guide, snake guides and tip tops. Ferrules are truly precision honed parts made to very tight tolerances. There is the female part and the male part and the fit must be tight. Nickel Silver is the alloy of choice. Making bamboo fly rod ferrules is a very expensive endeavor. Larger Nickel Ferrules can approach nearly a hundred dollars for one male/female ferrule set and that doesn't include the ones that require an extra male for an extra tip. Most ferrules we use cost about sixty dollars a set on the average. Ferrules, depending upon diameter sizes range from thirty dollars to eighty dollars or more in the larger diameters. Butt section ferrules cost the most along with mid section ferrules. Two ferrule sizes are required to make a three piece fly rod and a bamboo with two tips require two male ferrules (a set of three) for the tip area is a spendy affair. Ferrules are custom honed and hand measured for each individual fly rod with two tips. Tips from rod "A" may not fit rod "B". This is why it is cost efficient to get the extra tip at the time of manufacture. To order an extra tip later on, will require the return of the entire fly rod for proper fitting of the male ferrule. Extra bamboo tips are a back up the same as they are for graphite rods. The difference between the two is a nicked graphite won't hold together whereas a nicked bamboo tip or a dented one just keep on working. Bamboo tips are usually broken on the back cast hanging up on foliage or limbs.

A Western Bamboo Fly Rod is a semi tempered fly rod that will outcast graphite with relative easy, line wt vs. line weight and length of rod to match. For instance, our Western Bamboo in the "Happy Hooker" series in the two piece, 7½' for a four weight forward, was out casting 9' 7 WT Sage rods at the Seattle Show last year. The farthest cast being 111' for the Happy Hooker!

When you order a Gehrke Bamboo Fly Rod in either the Blonde or Western you're assured you will have invested in a fly rod that will cast right in front of you or as far as your abilities are able. The secret to casting a Bamboo is to slow down to half the effort it takes to force graphites to work and you will shoot line farther and easier! Bamboo "wants to work for you," plastic rods don't.

Production Line bamboo fly rods do not save any labor costs for the consumer until it arrives properly prepared for the milling machines. Instead of using hand planers on each strip which is not the most accurate way of shaving bamboo, the mill will do in less than a minute what it takes hours to do by hand and do it more accurately. Remember, a hand planer is still a tool just as mills are.

REEL SEATS: All our fly rods from 7.5 feet long or less have slip ring reel seats made from natural curly maple. Above that length all reel seats are down screw reel seats made fro curly maple. Our reel seats are the finest available.

Each Gehrke's Bamboo Fly Rod comes with Red Agatite Stripping Guides set in jewel black frames. They are stunning!

Rod Type Your Price
Two Piece: $720
Two Piece Extra Tip: $830
Three Piece: $1,200
Three Piece Extra Tip: $1,310
Notes: All Rods under 8 feet are two piece. All rods 8 feet or longer are 3 piece rods. You select the line weights.
Suggested Retail Price for USA ~ may vary nationally.

If you would like to finish your own Gehrke's Western Bamboo Fly Rod visit our Gehrke's Bamboo Rod Kit Page.
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