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Gehrke's Blonde Bamboo Fly Rods
Internet Direct as low as $485

"Any Line Weight of Your Choosing"
(  7 to 9 feet  -  3 to 10 wt  )
GEHRKE 2 PIECE NATURAL BLONDE FLY RODS are different in a number of ways from standard yellow cane bamboo fly rods. First, we are a Western Style Company with Western Ways and Western Tastes. Our fly rods are Bar Saddled tempered which increases the power of our tapers and fly rods.
In the world of bamboo, our tempering techniques are a subtle way just as you would with steel. This bestows each GEHRKE BAMBOO FLY ROD with a deep yellow/brown finish. The gloss finish is recognizable anywhere astream as being a beautiful Gehrke rod, but wait until you see a 7.5' 4 Weight Blonde Bamboo series casting well beyond 70 feet. Then you may understand what owning a Gehrke is all about! Our Blonde Fly Rods have no tempering. The finish is traditional. The segments are NOT compromised with mismatched strips from a different culm. Each Blonde Gehrke Bamboo is made from the same stick as are all Gehrke Fly Rods are. What you see is what you get. The entire integrity and character of each culm is guaranteed intact. However nature grew it is retained. The natural aura is indeed unique. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only bamboo fly rod manufacturer that does this and as I explained, the results are wonderful.

Each fly rod is matched from three off-setting culms of Tonkin Cane with the nodes staggered for maximum straightness. Our original tapers makes for one of the fastest, farthest casting bamboo fly rods in the world. From short casts to reaching out, our bamboo fly rods are light but awesome.

GEORGE GEHRKE FLY RODS are fitted with the most expensive, highest quality ferrules available. We use nickle silver Al Bellinger Bird's-Eye Maple reel seats, which are down-locking for maximum reel security on all rods 8 feet and over in length. Our Agatine stripping guides are by Darryl Whitehead. Hopkins/Holloway tip top guides are imported from England. Our guide wrapping color code of arms is black with red trim representing life or death, catch and release, catch or keep or Steven can custom wrap your rod with color or colors of your choice. ~ gg
Rod Type Your Price
Two Piece: $485
Two Piece Extra Tip: $595
Three Piece: $650
Three Piece Extra Tip: $760
Notes: All Rods under 8 feet are two piece. All rods 8 feet or longer are 3 piece rods. You select the line weights.
Suggested Retail Price for USA ~ may vary nationally.

If you would like to finish your own Gehrke's Blonde Bamboo Fly Rod visit our Gehrke's Bamboo Rod Kit Page.

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