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Gehrke's Bass Widow Casting Rods
Internet Direct as low as $375

"Any Line Weight of Your Choosing"
(  4 to 7 feet  -  4 to 8 lbs  )

We are very excited to announce now in 2004, we are offering the most beautiful and unique Bamboo casting rod in the world. You don't have to be wealthy or a fly fisherman to enjoy the action and unparallel beauty of a hand split Tonkin cane rod. Bamboo is natural, reacts faster, and is more durable than graphite, fiberglass, or any other man made rod. Each rod truly has its own spirit and uniqueness. There are never two identical rods which adds to the mystique of Bamboo. The action of the Bass Widow is not comparable in any way to graphite. In rods today, it’s all about the action. From the second you hold your "Bass Widow" it comes alive in your hand, becoming part of you. You will catch more fish because you can feel them hit and bite faster. If you're looking for the rod of a lifetime or a favorite rod to use anywhere, this is it. Each custom rod has over 100 hours of painstaking, concentrated labor. If the rod is not perfect to me, how can it be perfect for you? Gehrkes only use the highest quality components. We use the highest grade cork, reel seats, guides, tip tops, and ferrules. We at Gehrkes are so confident that you'll love this rod that we back it up with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed on all Gehrkes products. You don't like the rod for any reason, send it back for a full no questions. Look around, no other Bamboo rod maker gives this type of guarantee on a custom rod, unless you pay three times as much. Why is this? We also clean and refurbish all rods we make for free. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Remember, these are custom made rods, from the writing on the rod, down to the wrapping colors. Each rod is made specifically the way you want it, for a lifetime of joy and beauty. If it’s not a Gehrke’s Bass Widow, it’s not the World's Best.
~ Steven Barnes, the Bamboo rod builder at Gehrkes.

Rod Type Your Price
Two Piece: $375
Two Piece Extra Tip: $450
All rods come with sock and metal tube.
Suggested Retail Price for USA ~ may vary nationally.

If you would like to finish your own Gehrke's Bass Widow Casting Rod visit our Gehrke's Bamboo Rod Kit Page.

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