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Whale’s-Spit Reel Oil ~ $5.00


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !
World's Best Fishing Reel Oil

WHALE'S-SPIT REEL OIL Is good to -60° below zero. Use often on all Fishing Reels. Deep Sea, Spinning and Casting Reels that have hard working drags and where smoothness is a priority. Pushes old grime and dirt aside. Fights temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees F. Highly functional in cold climates to -60 degrees below zero.

WHALE'S-SPIT REEL OIL Is good to 1200° F. Its' high molecular strength molecules are designed especially for fishermen fighting large game fish under demanding conditions. This is the Best there is in fly fishing. Try it for maximum REEL Protection. For all Fly, Spinning and Casting Reels. A tournement demanding product!
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