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#10 Gun Oil ~ $5.00


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
World's Best Gun Oil / Arctic to Desert

Cleans and protects gun parts. The Finest Wet WEAPONS OIL in the World. To rust proof parts where practical; boil all metal bolt parts and frame in water, shake dry and let heat evaporate then apply Gehrke's #10 Gun Oil while parts are still hot, let cool, wipe excess, reassemble for Friction-Free Action better than new. Check law enforcement equipment, including slide action, bolt and extractors before going to work daily. The Best when your life depends on it. Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%. For Secret Service Reliability.

Yes, it is expensive but it also has the most honest, finest ingredients in it known to man. We spend a lot of effort and time making this product because it is not an easy item to manufacture. It's well worth it, if you finally want the best for sure.

Fear those who want to disarm you ~ Vote them out on Election Days. Remember V.O.T.I. ~ Vote Out The [Gun Grabbing] Incumbants Yearly!
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