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Mrs. G’s “Ladies Choice”
Sewing Machine Oil ~ $5.00


There is only one way to explain LADIES CHOICE SEWING MACHINE OIL. "SMO-O-OTH" Ladies Choice is the Best sewing machine oil in the world. Ladies Choice is super smooth and has a powerful molecular structure that never breaks down under long sessions of sewing. In fact, hide this oil from the men or you won't have it for very long! Ladies Choice Sewing Machine & Household Oil comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and like your sewing machine, you're protected! Ladies Choice operates in all temperatures around the world, from the Freezing North and South Poles to the hot Equator regions around the earth, it keeps working and protects your expensive equipment!

What is the guarantee ladies and gentlemen? IF, after using the entire bottle, you don't agree this is the finest house hold and sewing machine oil you've ever used in your life, simply return the unused bottle for a full refund and we will defy you to be able to do it as an honest person! You cannot lose. Try one bottle, just one, and see for yourself how all your door hinges, aluminum ones at that, stop squealing and squeaking year after year instantly. Keep your fan motors quiet. A thousand uses! In a machine shop where drilling those itzie bitzie little holes is difficult on those skinny little bits, this is the oil for you! Trust this oil. Not one bottle has ever been returned for a refund. No, Ladies Choice isn't the world's best. It's a little bit better!

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