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#11 Grayling Lavender Fish-Fuzz ~ $2.00

Fly Tying Materials

Hot Marabou Action Versatile Streamer Material

#11 Grayling Lavender Fish-Fuzz is one of those colors that hinge on the ultra violet spectrum that make predatory fish go bananas. It triggers the chase because it radiates a certain belief the streamer is the real thing.

When white or natural light hits the water, the water slows it down and it splits immediately as a prism divides, depth of water allows more of the ultra violet rays to expose themselves upon the fly. If your streamer is a close match, that material starts to glow or shine to a trout's eye almost like uranium! The hues of some yellow yarns turn greener and greener and this is why the chlorophyll in rabbit or hare's ear masks shimmer in various shades of radium greens under ultra violet light or under the depths of water.

At what shade of Lavender trout see this particular shade, I do not know because my dentist's violet-light gun isn't working anymore. Regardless, this color is a keeper and I use it as a beard on streamers or as a back colo or side strip.

Just because most fly tying books on flies and streamers seldom call for Lavender shouldn't detract any serious fly tier from experimenting with it on their own. This is one of those unsung colors that has long been over looked but in the world of Salt Water Streamers, its a winner. It does just as well with trout!

Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz is an ultra-fine fly tying material. It breaths, flows and mimics every movement imparted to your flies and streamers like marabou does.

Fish-Fuzz is so alive looking in the water that fish literally go crazy to eat it. Salt water fishermen are especially impressed. Your streamers will shimmer and quiver in an electric display of excitement. Leeches radiate the very essence of helplessness. Wet flies and nymphs pulsate and wiggle like small floundering insects. Streamers dart like frightened and terrorized minnows!

Nothing blends with as much realism as Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz.

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