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#9 Olive Green Fish-Fuzz ~ $2.00

Fly Tying Materials

Hot Marabou Action Versatile Streamer Material

#9 Olive Green Fish-Fuzz is more this color than the picture because of the flash. Olive Green is the green I use in all my leach patterns. It is a dull green but don't let the word dull or flat green fool you in how perfectly powerful this green is. I probably use Algae and Olive green more than any other greens in all of the fly tying kingdom.

Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz is an ultra-fine fly tying material. It breaths, flows and mimics every movement imparted to your flies and streamers like marabou does.

Fish-Fuzz Greens of various shades, are to a trout's eye, thee primary color of interest during feeding times when it comes to helping them identify specific hatching insects in the wide ranging enthomology world they live in. Responding to the proper colors in the aquatic world, to a trout can make the difference between surviving or not as it is with most things that swim. I've always reasoned the powers of the sun upon this third planet which is primarily made up of water upon which its' rays have been dancing and splitting light into its many faceted colors for billions of prisem years . . . cannot help but evolve the majority of sea life and creatures with eyes that distinguish most of the colors of the rainbow.

Fish-Fuzz is so alive looking in the water that fish literally go crazy to eat it. Salt water fishermen are especially impressed. Your streamers will shimmer and quiver in an electric display of excitement. Leeches radiate the very essence of helplessness. Wet flies and nymphs pulsate and wiggle like small floundering insects. Streamers dart like frightened and terrorized minnows!

Nothing blends with as much realism as Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz.

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