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#5 Sailfish Blue Fish-Fuzz ~ $2.00

Fly Tying Materials

Hot Marabou Action Streamer Material

Gehrke's Sail Fish Blue Fish-Fuzz Properly names and matched from the color swatch pictures I took of the Hundred and sixty six pound Sail Fish I brought to hand and released in Bara De Navidad Mexico with the Figarro family, this is a color often used to entice salmon and steelhead who have haunted the east and western coastal waters before returning to their rivers of birth. The sail fish was a new world record that was properly weighted in the boat and released for personal reasons. It was also the day I set a new world record for the Rooster Fish which was submitted and listed until it was replaced by another sportsman a year or two later, if that.

Blue's are wonderful attractor patterns and we use them in many Western Steelhead flies, especially on the Columbia, Clear Water and Snake River drainage system but also including all the Pacific North West coastal rivers.
Streamers with Hot Blue Over Backs is a highly minnow matching color for many streamers and original ties. In fact, there are more original ties that are not listed in books than those that are. This is a wonderful Fish-Fuzz Color that is included in the entire set. I use it as much as any other color in the set.

Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz is an ultra-fine fly tying material. It breaths, flows and mimics every movement imparted to your flies and streamers like marabou does.

Fish-Fuzz is so alive looking in the water that fish literally go crazy to eat it. Salt water fishermen are especially impressed. Your streamers will shimmer and quiver in an electric display of excitement. Leeches radiate the very essence of helplessness. Wet flies and nymphs pulsate and wiggle like small floundering insects. Streamers dart like frightened and terrorized minnows!

Nothing blends with as much realism as Gehrke's Sail Fish Blue Fish-Fuzz.

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