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#4 Dace Tan Fish-Fuzz ~ $2.00

Fly Tying Materials

Hot Marbou Action Streamer Material

#04 Dace Tan Fish-Fuzz offers a warm, fleshy color and texture to streamers and wet flies. Fish-Fuzz is often diced into a dubbing for wet flies and nymphs. No matter what color of dubbing one uses in the world of fly tying regarding insects, add one to two percent of olive or green to the dubbing. You may not see it mixed in the total volume of dubbing but putting a touch of green into all your dubbing when tying insect patterns is like increasing the octane attracting powers of your creations, believe it or not. I've learned this simply from a lifetime of experience and it works no matter what materials you're mixing or using.

Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz flows and mimics every movement imparted to your flies and streamers like marabou does.

Fish-Fuzz is so natural looking that fish literally go crazy to eat it. Salt water fishermen are especially impressed. Their streamers shimmer and quiver in an electric display of fast retrieved excitement. Leeches radiate the very essence of helplessness. Wet flies and nymphs pulsate and wiggle like small floundering insects. Streamers dart like frightened and terrorized minnows!

Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz. Don't leave home without it.

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