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#3 Gray Minnow Fish-Fuzz ~ $2.00

Fly Tying Materials

Hot Marabou Action Versatile Streamer Material

This photo of the grey (or gray) could be better and we will try and replace it soon. The flash washed it out quite a bit, but MINNOW GREY is an achromatic color of lightness between the extremes of black and white, is a color for fish and animals that use shadows and flickering light to hide in. As previously mentioned, the Black Nosed Dace and many, many minnow patterns require the extensive use of greys in various hues. To be perfectly frank, the complete streamer fly fishermen of the sport simply order the entire color set of FISH-FUZZ because tying with it is like trying to eat potato chips. "Bet you can't eat just one?"

In fly tying the most livid, exacting minnow patterns possible, require the use of more than two colors and often three, depending upon the species of prey being duplicated. Matching the minnow is as vital as matching the hatch.

Fishing at late dusk and into the the failing light and dark, the big bruisers start coming out and begin hunting and corralling minnows in the shallows. Three to fifteen pound Browns lose caution and the bigger the minnow you can tie the better. The advantages offered the fly fishermen in the know regarding FISH-FUZZ is its' light gathering abilities. It makes no difference if one is fishing with a full moon or just star light, this material allows fly tiers the advantage of tying perfect, minnow counterfeits.

Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz is an ultra-fine fly tying material. It breaths, flows and mimics every movement imparted to your flies and streamers like marabou does.

Fish-Fuzz is so alive looking in the water that fish literally go crazy to eat it. Salt water fishermen are especially impressed. Your streamers will shimmer and quiver in an electric display of excitement. Leeches radiate the very essence of helplessness. Wet flies and nymphs pulsate and wiggle like small floundering insects. Streamers dart like frightened and terrorized minnows!

Nothing blends with as much realism as Gehrke's Fish-Fuzz.

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